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Brydie Perkins-Brakels is an artist who dares to be different! Her pieces scream passion, fun and frivolity with an edge that is now. Based in Brisbane and growing up on the Sunshine Coast, she has been able to marry the rich culture of the arts from the beach to hinterlands with the capital city culture of contemporary art.


She decided to take the plunge into the art world in 2012 at the tender age of 17, after being told her paintings would walk off the walls if she were to put them up for sale. Her first showing that saw all twelve of her paintings sell in record time at the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show, with art buyers and collectors left crying for more. ​


Brydie’s bold and individualistic art is influenced by her love of nature and her artistic upbringing. Daughter of Australian artist Kendall, Brydie spent her younger years being encouraged to paint, draw, sculpt and develop her creative abilities. To this day, most of her drawings and artworks are archived in folders in her family home in Buderim and used as a source of inspiration for new works.


Brydie’s works have been exhibited around Queensland and annually feature at a variety of shows including the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show, Rotary Art Spectacular and Lions Art Extravaganza.


‘I love to create and it comes naturally to me. I have always had a love of colour and all things weird and wonderful. I have always been encouraged to embrace my uniqueness and I now use it as a strength to make my works. I believe if one of my artworks brings happiness to even one person, then I have succeeded’.

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