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Sunshine Coast University Hospital Paintings

A few months ago my mum Kendall and I were asked if we'd like to help the Sunshine Coast University Hospital out and provide some paintings for the pediatrics ward. I was commissioned by Wishlist to create four large, bright and colourful pieces. Two being placed in the kitchen and dining area of one parent's retreat, and two in the living area of a second.

Unfortunately we didn't get to head back to the hospital before it opened to snap up a few photos of the paintings on the walls. These areas are now fully functional and being used by families who's children are currently being cared for by the hospital. I would love to go see the paintings sometime, however I would rather not disturb the families using this area.

I have received messages from friends and strangers who have visited and are working at the hospital and I've been pleased to hear people have been loving them. I feel so pleased to be able to help such a worthy charity who goes above and beyond to help the Sunshine Coast community.

For now, here's some photos of the paintings at the hospital.

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